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Leadership Training

//Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Using professional leadership tools to motivate your employees to reach their targets

One of the essential tasks of management is to motivate and inspire your employees  to achieve their targets – because the commitment and work of every single employee defines your managerial success. During  the six days of the course, each of them followed by at least four weeks of practising, we jointly develop and practise factors which have proven to be successful  in developing a management style that is both goal and person-oriented. In-house implementations of the leadership training programme are held on your own premises.

Leadership Training - Die Termine für offene Trainings

Diese Termine stehen fest – Sie können sich oder Ihre Mitarbeiter einfach dafür anmelden. Führungstrainings in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Oberursel in der Nähe von Frankfurt am Main oder München – wir stehen in vielen Städten zur Verfügung.

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Your Benefit:
In this training you will develop your personal managerial style and increase your ability to respond to changes in a professional way. You will be trained for an open-minded management style based on proactive cooperation to ensure positive results and motivation.

Für wen eignet sich das Führungstraining?

The management training “Professional Leadership” is intended for persons with responsibility for leadership who aim at developing their personal management style and at gaining more confidence in leadership. This training is also developed for employees moving up to a leading position.

Ablauf des Trainings

This management training has a modular construction: 6 single training days alternate with practical phases in your firm in between.


Trainingsinvestitionen EUR 3.300,00 netto zzgl. 19,00 % MwSt (EUR 3.927,00 brutto ) pro Teilnehmer inkl. Tagungspauschale, darin sind enthalten:

Leadership Training - Das dürfen Sie im Detail erwarten

During six days of training, each of them followed by at least four weeks of practicing, we jointly develop and practise factors proved successful for a management style that is both goal-oriented and human-oriented.

Our training is an active training in communication skills and behavioural skills, based on learning by individual experience. New ideas are put right away into practice in exercising them.

The periods in between the days of training give you the opportunity to practise the things you learned and to internalise new behaviour. Every following day of training draws upon experiences gathered in practice, using these as starting point for further development. It is the effective combination of training and practice that makes immediate success possible.

  • Being conscious of your primary responsibility in leadership
  • Carry out a future- and result-oriented management style
  • Identifying changes immediately and act or react appropriately
  • Effective elements leading to a deliberate personal management style
  • Expectation-assessment for quality improvement in teamwork
  • Result-oriented communication and communication on a basis of proactive cooperation
  • The motivating assignment of tasks
  • Setting objectives together and communicating these in a way that they are accepted
  • Conducting conflict discussions
  • The progress dialogue
  • Optimising the personal effect on my staff
  • Professional goal attainment dialogues
  • Supporting creative solutions coming from team members
  • The appropriate way of communicating decisions
  • Steering conflict dialogues to win-win-solutions
  • Chairing efficient work meetings and leading to concrete arrangements
  • Praising the team members in a motivating way

This training is adapted to 2 times per year to the current requirements. In our half-yearly „Trainer Teach-In“ all topics and contents are regularly improved and optimized.As our aim is to deal individually with your area of responsibility and your line of business we are interested in your current situation and your personal goals preliminarily. Therefore you will get special documents along with individual questions four weeks prior to the training to allow you to prepare yourself most successfully and to benefit most from the active training time.

Individuell: Inhouse Führungstraining

Dieses Training bieten wir auch als firmeninterne Trainingsmaßnahme an. Dafür entwickeln wir gemäß Ihren Anforderungen ein Training, das speziell auf Ihr Unternehmen ausgerichtete Themenschwerpunkte beinhaltet.
Gerne erstellen wir Ihnen hierzu ein individuelles Angebot.

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